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[Web] English Individual Counseling

50 Mins | ¥12,000 Online via Zoom Meeting

  • 50分
  • 12,000円
  • zoom


FEATURE: Life Design Counseling assists individuals in addressing a commonly occurring personal problem, such as, but not limited to: stress, anxiety, panic attack, depression, interpersonal relationship, self-esteem, trauma, grief & loss, anger, school refusal (hikikomori), unable to return to work, developmental disability (ADHD, ASD), personality disorder, adjustment issues, spirituality related issues, etc. PROCEDURE: - The client's confirmed appointment time is the starting time. Please ensure to be ready to start on time. - Follow the Guidelines on how to access Zoom Meeting System - provided in this website. EXTENSION: - 10 Minutes | ¥1,500 - The MAX time for extension is 30 Mins. Beyond 30 Mins, it will be automatically converted to a 2X session [100-Mins Session] - However, extension will be made available only when the time permits. * If you wish for a more relaxing and slower pace to process, please opt for an "extended" option in your booking selection process. It will ensure that you will have that limited reserved spot. CANCELLATION: - Please read the cancellation policy.


『キャンセルポリシー』 48時間前までのキャンセル:なし 24時間前までのキャンセルの場合:ご予約メニューの金額から50% 当日無断キャンセルの場合:ご予約メニューの金額から100% "Cancellation Policy" FREE up to 48 hours in advance. 50% of the hourly rate up to 24 hours in advance. Full or 100% of the hourly rate will be charged for any cancellation less than 24 hours.



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