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Premarital Counseling Course

A 5-Session Course | 50 Mins/Session Location: Takasago - Main Office

  • 50分
  • 80,000円
  • 高砂市


FEATURE: Life Design Counseling offers couples who are seriously considering for marriage or already engaged preparing for marriage. This 5-session packaged course is designed to prepare soon-to-be married couples with "handy tools" in their hand. This is a SMART INVESTMENT for a long term success of a marriage. Couples would be guided, dialogue and learn practical skills in: effective communication, conflict resolution, dealing with differences in personality, family background, values and expectation of roles and responsibilities, and how to keep love alive. Other additional sessions/topics can also be provided upon request, such as extended family relationship issues, sexuality, etc. PROCEDURE: - The client's confirmed appointment time is the starting time. Please ensure to arrive on time. CANCELLATION: - Please read the cancellation policy.


『キャンセルポリシー』 48時間前までのキャンセル:なし 24時間前までのキャンセルの場合:ご予約メニューの金額から50% 当日無断キャンセルの場合:ご予約メニューの金額から100% "Cancellation Policy" FREE up to 48 hours in advance. 50% of the hourly rate up to 24 hours in advance. Full or 100% of the hourly rate will be charged for any cancellation less than 24 hours.


  • 高砂市


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