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[Extended] Couple | Marriage Counseling

Duration: 70 Mins | ¥17,000 Location: Takasago - Main Office

  • 1時 10分
  • 17,000円
  • Takasago, Hyogo


FEATURE: Life Design Counseling assists couples and families in addressing a commonly occurring marital problems, as follow, but not limited to: communication, anger outburst, disagreement and conflict escalation, personality, value and cultural differences, intimacy anorexia and sexless marriage, infidelity, in-law and family relationships, codependency and addiction, chronic illness, personality disorder, parenting, life phase transition, divorce consideration, etc. PROCEDURE: Generally, the couple will be seen together during the allocated time. However, there are proper moments in the therapeutic process where the therapist may wish to speak with the couple individually. Client can also express such a wish when needed. EXTENSION: - Up to 10 Minutes | ¥1,500 - The MAX time for extension is 10 Mins. Beyond 10 Mins, it will be automatically converted to a 100-Mins Session] - Extension will be made available only when the time permits. CANCELLATION: - Please read the cancellation policy.


『キャンセルポリシー』 48時間前までのキャンセル:なし 24時間前までのキャンセルの場合:ご予約メニューの金額から50% 当日無断キャンセルの場合:ご予約メニューの金額から100% "Cancellation Policy" FREE up to 48 hours in advance. 50% of the hourly rate up to 24 hours in advance. Full or 100% of the hourly rate will be charged for any cancellation less than 24 hours.



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