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My Anger Hurts Me and Those Whom I Care the Most. How Can I Deal with It?

Does your anger hurt you or those whom you dearly love? Does others or even you yourselves fear of your own anger? Do you encounter troubles in your marriage, employment or social relationship because of your quick outburst and uncontrollable anger? 


Many people are perplexed by their own anger. They feel that their anger is justifiable. So, they unleash it. Then, it damages important relationship. Then, they gradually dislike themselves because of it. People often are confused between the desire to validate their own anger while feeling remorseful or embarrassed for being enslaved by it. There are also others who are too fearful of their anger that they shut it off completely, and as result they start to experience somatic symptoms and other physical illness, such as muscle pain, headache, stomachache, skin rash, etc. 


What should you do with your anger? Should you express it? Get rid of it? 


Anger is an important and complex human's emotion. One of the ways in managing your anger is to understand your emotions, its function and the pattern of your anger in your life. Understood properly, your anger can be your positive ally to protect, motivate and empower your life. 


There are practical skills that you could learn and utilize in order to manage your anger effectively. Do not let your anger "master" you. Instead, you should master your anger. You don't need to invalidate your anger. Yet, you also do not need to be burnt by it. Life Design can assist you in understanding and managing your anger competently and effectively. Please contact us we look forward to assisting you.