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Stress, loneliness, disappointment, mistakes/failure, low self-esteem, life's transition, hurt, setback in accomplishing life or career's goals, and grief/loss are often part of life. In counseling, our clients who experience these unpleasant circumstances often present the symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic and other compulsive behaviors (e.g., alcoholism, drug abuse, sex addiction, gambling addiction, etc)... 

More than we often realize, the vitality of our couple and family relationship often holds the key to the life's happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction we all yearn for. The complexity of these relationships require more than just acceptance and patience in order to function cohesively. It often requires insights, skills and strategies. At Life Design, we assist our clients who struggle with the following issues:

Starting your marriage right is always the best investment you "gift" yourself, your spouse and your future children. There is a saying, "It is easier to plan for a successful wedding, than a fulfilling marriage". At Life Design, we offer a 6-session-Premarital Counseling program to soon-to-be-married or engaged couple. During this program, couples are guided to engage in open dialogue about their unique characteristics  

There are elements of fun and excitement when it comes to cross cultural exchange and experience. Yet, the challenge of learning and adapting to a new culture can also be daunting. Going abroad for educational or business-purposes requires more than just language preparation, but also equally important emotional, mental and relational skills.  At Life Design, we created this personalized support ...

Life or Leadership Coaching is a unique approach to self-empowerment where a person dedicates time, energy and resources to intentionally focus on becoming "the best version" of himself or herself. At Life Design Counseling, we coach individuals and organizational leaders to reach their life's or organizational objectives. We assist our clients to uncover their unrecognized strengths, untapped passions, deeper ...

Life Design Counseling offers lectures, seminars and presentations on a variety of topics related to relationship, counseling, life and leadership coaching. Click "Read More" to see sample topics that have been presented.

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