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Life Design is committed to provide caring and professional counseling service to serve foreigners (English-speaking) as well as Japanese mainly residing in Kobe and Takasago City's surrounding vicinity (Himeji, Akashi and Osaka) Kansai, Japan. Others who reside beyond these vicinities could also access the service via web service (Skype or FaceTime)

The service encompasses the following areas: Clinical/General Counseling, Couple/Marriage & Family Counseling, Pre-Marital Counseling, and Life and Leadership Coaching.

Life Design utilizes counseling and coaching approaches that are collaborative, strength-based, integrative, and practical. In all of its' endeavor, Life Design Counseling strives to empower the clients to attend to their needs holistically and

to accomplish their counseling/coaching objectives as effectively as possible. 

   Pre-Marital Counseling

Starting your marriage right is always the best investment you "gift"  yourself, your spouse and your future children. There is a saying, "It is easier to plan a successful wedding, than sustaining a fulfilling marriage". At Life Design Counseling, we offer a 6-session-Premarital Counseling program to soon-to-be-married or engaged couple. During this program, couples are guided to:


- recognize their interactional patterns 

- resolve any existing concerns

- glean insights into the unique effects of their family backgrounds on their future marriage

- learn effective communication and conflict resolution skills

- develop strategies in navigating differences and ways to keeping love alive

- negotiate role and expectations

- financial management

- etc.


Our premarital couples appreciate fun, interactional, and practical aspect of this program. Couples who have participated in our Premarital Counseling program noted "having a smooth transition"  and "feeling more secure and confident" as they enter into marriage. Marry Smart. Start Right!                                  


 Cost: ¥55,000 - (A total of 5 sessions; 80 minutes per session)




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 (Last Appointment 19:00)

CLOSED:  Sunday Morning

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1-17 Kamimachi, Arai-Cho

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Copyrighted ©2014 by Life Design Counseling. All Rights Reserved.

Copyrighted ©2014 by Life Design Counseling. All Rights Reserved.


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