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  Couple  & Family Therapy

More than we often realize, the vitality of our couple and family relationship often holds the key to the life's happiness and fulfillment we all yearn for. The complexity of these relationships require more than just acceptance and patience in order to function cohesively. It often requires insights, skills and strategies. At Life Design, we assist our clients who struggle with the following issues:


- anger, conflict and domestic violence (emotional/verbal/physical abuse)

- intimacy, sexless marriage and extramarital affairs

- substance and behavioral addiction

- cross-cultural marriage and cultural adjusment

- pre, ongoing, or post divorce

- remarriage and stepfamily

- parent-child relationship and parenting

- child issues (puberty, school refusal, bully, learning difficulties)

- in laws relationship

- facing terminal illness and death

- life transition and midlife crisis


By utilizing holistic approach, our clients will gain insights about their relational dynamics and learn to create effective strategies to deal with their resentment, negotiate differences, maintain balance between meeting their personal needs and the needs of others,  and to be a supportive partner and family member.                

English Divorce Counseling Hyogo Kansai Kakogawa Kobe Japan
  Conflict  &  Divorce Mediation

Conflict is a part of life. However, sometimes, it could get so out of hand to the point that it causes a deep feeling of resentment that leads to despair. Life Design Counseling offers conlifct resolution and mediation services to clients who desire to resolve their conflict in efficient and cost-effective way - while improving the chance of keeping their relationship intact - unlike what frequently occurs with arbitration approach. We assist:


-  Couples who are seriously considering divorce but consumed by their high level of anger.

-  Divorcing couples who wants to have "good divorce" for the sake of their children's well being.

-  Divorcing couples who desires to make their best decision on divorce related issues (living arrangement, custody), and to learn effective co-parenting skills

- Any conflicting parties who want to resolve their differences, explore their interest, and negotiate the solution that are beneficial for all involved.


Conflict/Divorce Mediation is an alternative avenue to conflict resolution that is efficient and cost-effective.  Give a serious consideration!                              


Marriage and Family

Life Design is committed to provide caring and professional counseling service to serve foreigners (English-speaking) as well as Japanese mainly residing in Kobe and Takasago City's surrounding vicinity (Himeji, Akashi and Osaka) Kansai, Japan. Others who reside beyond these vicinities could also access the service via web service (Skype or FaceTime)

The service encompasses the following areas: Clinical/General Counseling, Couple/Marriage & Family Counseling, Pre-Marital Counseling, and Life and Leadership Coaching.

Life Design utilizes counseling and coaching approaches that are collaborative, strength-based, integrative, and practical. In all of its' endeavor, Life Design Counseling strives to empower the clients to attend to their needs holistically and

to accomplish their counseling/coaching objectives as effectively as possible. 



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