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There are elements of fun and excitement when it comes to cross cultural exchange, cross-cultural relationship and international experience. Yet, the challenges and stress related to facing and adapting to differences in cultural norms, values, language, expectation and lifestyle could also present a serious challenge to individuals, couples and families.


Whether you are going abroad for a short-term educational exchange program or plan to stay for a longer period for business, career or marriage purposes, it is essential to have some sort of emotional and mental preparation and support.

Life Design offers counseling and coaching support to:

-  incoming and outgoing professional businessmen and women – as they strive to understand, adapt, build relationship and manage stress in a new cultural environment. 


- scholars and students – as they learn to acculturate, assimilate and integrate their cross-cultural experience.


- cross-cultural couples, international marriage, and multi-cultural families – as they explore, learn, and negotiate their differences in needs, values, expectations, family dynamics and lifestyle. Cross-cultural marriage has unique relational dynamics that often causes unique challenges that are only known to cross-cultural couple or marital dynamics. 


- foreign national who serves as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) or English Language Teacher (ELT) in Japan – as they face cultural adjustment and manage their intrapersonal and interpersonal needs while in Japan. 


- missionaries – by providing briefing, debriefing and ongoing counseling and coaching support via teleconference (Skype). Issues about cultural adaptation, burnout prevention and holistic life management strategies can be provided.


Having an established support system, by working with Life Design, clients would not only experience a greater sense of security, confidence, but also will be more effective and efficient as they venture into a new cultural environment.


Life Design is committed to provide caring and professional counseling service to serve foreigners (English-speaking) as well as Japanese mainly residing in Kobe and Takasago City's surrounding vicinity (Himeji, Akashi and Osaka) Kansai, Japan. Others who reside beyond these vicinities could also access the service via web service (Skype or FaceTime)

The service encompasses the following areas: Clinical/General Counseling, Couple/Marriage & Family Counseling, Pre-Marital Counseling, and Life and Leadership Coaching.

Life Design utilizes counseling and coaching approaches that are collaborative, strength-based, integrative, and practical. In all of its' endeavor, Life Design Counseling strives to empower the clients to attend to their needs holistically and to accomplish their counseling/coaching objectives as effectively as possible. 

International Support



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