Q : How many counseling (or coaching) session do I need to attend ?


A :There is no fix amount of sessions for everyone who attends counseling. It all depends on your goal. Some clients bring a relatively straightforward concern that could be resolved within one or two sessions. Other clients require longer and more consistent sessions in order to reach their more complex and bigger goals. The clearer you are about your goals, and the more committed you are in making efforts toward achieving it, the more efficient your counseling process will be. (Note: If you are unclear about your goal, do not worry We'll assist you ... ) 

Q : Can counseling (or coaching) really make a difference in my life?


A : There are essential factors that contribute to the success of counseling/coaching process. For example, the severity of the client's problems, client's readiness for change, therapist's skills and approach, the good fit between the client and the therapist/coach, client's resources, etc. At Life Design Counseling, we strive to provide our clients the most self-empowering experience possible. Toward such a goal, we intentionally assess our clients' progress every four (4) sessions. At the 4th session review, 87% of all our clients rated some to good improvement on the progress scale.  92% of our clients rated between 8 to 10 (with 10 is the highest score) in term of their satisfaction of good fit with the therapist/coach.  


Q : I live quite a distance away from your location.

         What counseling options do  you have available?


A:To accomodate clients who live in distant location, we offer online (Skype/FaceTime) counseling. Please read the guideline of accessing this type of service by clicking on this link. Some clients prefer personal face-to-face counseling meeting and are willing to travel to address their urgent issues. For these type of needs, we also offer Intensive Counseling. Intensive Counseling can be designed between 3 to 4.5 hours per day. This approach could be helpful for clients who desire to resolve their concerns more promptly. Please contact us ahead of time to plan for this type of meeting.   

Q : I have a troubled relationship. Do I have to come together with my partner                  for couple counseling?


A : Anyone who attends counseling more likely experience empowerment through renewed insights and strategic practical skills. Therefore, couple ideally should come together for couple counseling in order to experience mutual empowerment and understanding. Although it is highly recommended, it is NOT a must! Should your circumstance not viable, either one of you or your spouses/partners could still be greatly benefited from attending individual counseling process. The insights and skills you learn from individual sesssion could positively affect your couple relationship.

Q : How can we invite you to come and speak at our organizational event?

         What the process looks like?


A : Should you be interested in having Dr. Andrew speak at your event. Please contact us as early as possible (Three months prior to the scheduled date - at the latest - is recommended). At the "Seminar" Section on this website (or click this link), please fill up and submit the invitation form. We will contact you upon receiving your invitation for more detailed arrangement.   

Q : Do you prescribe any psychotropic medication?


A : No, we do not prescribe psychotropic medication as it is the role of psychiatrist. 

Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q.)


We want your experience at Life Design to be positive, enjoyable and efficient. Therefore, should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us via email (the link is provided on this website) or phone. We'll try to respond to your question as promptly as we can. Here are some frequently asked questions we find helpful to share with you:

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