... I attended counseling because I struggled to build relationship with people in my neighborhood. I did not know how to get into the circle of mothers with young children in my neighborhood because of my extreme shyness. At one point, It got so bad to the point I was fearful even just going out of my house. Counseling has helped me to better understand myself by looking at my perceptions and emotions. I learned to foster positive thinking and implement a variety of positive actions... Now I am able to spend good time with people in my neighborhood. I feel released and liberated from big anxiety and fear. Counseling is very good!"

                                  ~ A 30-yr-old female client

...Prior to coming to counseling, I was afraid to explore the roots of my fear and anger. Counseling was truly an eye-opener! Initially, I had imagined counseling to be a painful process of digging out my past, which scared me. But, actually, it was not the case at all! What really good about counseling was that I was enabled to organize my mind, which I could not do on my own. In counseling, I also learned how to communicate more effectively with people in my life."      

                            ~ A 35-yr-old female client

... my wife was the first one who sought Dr. Andrew's counsel in the beginning, but then she requested me to join counseling together. To be able to fully express oneself honestly to others is not easy for Japanese. However, when I came to Life Design Counseling, I myself was surprised that I could be very honest about myself and my family concerns. Counseling has helped us not only to begin talking about our existing family issues, but also enabling us to discuss them at home. Our couple communication has started to impove which increases the positivity  in our family situation. For those of you who struggle with family relationship issues like marriage and parenting, you might want to consider Life Design Counseling so that you can find short-cut solution to your concerns."  

                              ~ A 45-yr-old male client

... This place is very elegant, soothing and peaceful. No one interrupts. It in itself is therapeutic. Dr. Andrew's insights, guidance and practical advises truly has widen up my future perspecties and hope. I am very glad that I came to this place." 

                                 ~ A 52-yr-old female client

... Thank you for restoring our marriage! Several months ago, we thought getting a divorce was the only solution to our marital problem. Through your objective and sensitive counseling approach, you restored our confidence and rekindle hope for having a good marriage and family."     

                             ~ A couple in their 30s

... It is not easy to trust people these days. No one I can talk to openly without fear being judged. But I feel safe with you. I can trust you! Thanks for everything."                                                                                                                      ~  A 57-yr-old male client

... My stress was over the top to the point it caused trouble in my relationship with my spouse and children. I learned stress management and communication skills at Life Design. I live life differently now. Stress is more managable and life is more enjoyable. I wish I had come sooner to seek your counsel, my life would have been so different if I had done that. I am looking forward to continuing to grow."                                                     〜 A 50-yr-old female client

Client's Review


The Clients' Words About Our Services ...

... After graduating from university, and landing a pretty good job, everything seemed to be going fine until my anxiety took control of my life. I did not know what happened to me, what I knew I was starting to lose confidence in myself and it was affecting a lot of things, such as losing sleep and appetite, decreased self-esteem, work difficulties, troubled  relationship with others, etc. I was recommended to seek counsel at Life Design. I committed to work with Dr. Andrew for a total of 8 sessions, and I rediscovered myself. I learned to understand and manage my anxiety and learned other life skills. I am able to keep my job and live a normal life again. I Strongly recommend Dr. Andrew!"    

                                  ~ A 27-yr-old male client

... Thank you for everything. You taught us many wonderful principles about marriage and relationship. We enjoyed the premarital program and learned a lot from it. It will be our treasure! We now feel more prepared for marriage                 

                                                                                     ~ A Couple client in their late 20s.  

... My self-confidence is increasing. My relationship with my employees are improving. My business is growing. Thank you so much for coaching me!                        ~ A 45-yr-old female client.   


... Dr. Andrew's teaching is very practical, down-to-earth and eye-opening!"


(080) 8525.1441 english

... Excellent communicator!!!

... Dr. Andrew knows his topics well. He is passionate about teaching. He interacts and involves his audience when he teaches. Above all, he is approachable off stage!

... Thank you for your presentation. I have heard similar message before. But, something in the way you presented your message enables me to accept it this time around!

... Dr. Andrew is an excellent teacher. Very organized and professional. He cares about his students' learning and gaining from his course. Genuine person. He's always available outside of class. Made his expectation of the course clear. Humble and open for feedback and suggestion. I have enjoyed my experience in this course with Dr. Andrew.

... His teaching is very relevant. He also uses real life stories and stimulating multimedia to illustrate his points. He does not only try to relate to your mind but also try reaching to your heart through his teaching.

... Thanks, Dr. Andrew! I really enjoyed this course. You're an excellent teacher. You know the info and teach it very well. Thank you for caring about your students!

... Dr. Andrew is very committed to making sure everyone understands and can apply the subject materials. Very helpful inside and outside the class for facilitating learning and understanding. He is also very passionate about the subject materials he teaches yet still very objective in his teaching style.

... I really enjoyed having you as a teacher. You made me feel that you really care about me as a student. I feel like you did everything in your power to help me learn. I truly enjoyed learning from you this semester!

... This teacher is probably one of the best teacher on this campus. I have done a lot of teacher's evaluation and this is honestly the only one who achieved such high markings. I like the learning atmosphere he created for the students.

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